Humanitarian Aid


We are

We are a group of volunteers headquartered in Germany. Together with our partner organisations we work on humanitarian projects. 

We do

We currently focus on medical aid for war victims and various types of support for people in need in Ukraine. 

We did

We organised a logistics network, provided medical goods for hospitals, medicines and first-aid material for war victims. In addition, we delivered canteen kitchens to feed thousands of displaced people.

How we work and how you can be part of it.

  • Before we help, we get to know our beneficiaries.
    We provide our support to beneficiaries that have been recommended to us by our network. We get to know them personally and ensure that our criteria for assistance are met.
  • We support based on actual needs. 
    Our beneficiaries provide us with up-to-date requirements lists. Throughout the projects duration, we remain in constant exchange with them and work together to secure the goods needed.
  • We provide unambiguous civilian goods.
    Our assistance focuses on civil-use goods, such as medicine, medical equipment, medical consumables, everyday goods, nutrition and canteen facilities needed to cater for large numbers of refugees. We assist with physical goods, not with funding.
  • We use our own logistics chain.
    Once we have acquired the requested goods, we use our "hand-in-hand" logistics to deliver the goods directly to their destination. We take care of all the transport details ourselves. We allocate the trucks, dispatch the goods, plan the route, do the customs declarations, provide documentation and make sure, the goods arrive in the hands of partners we know personally. 
  • Donations made to us are tax-deductible.
    Our work is made possible by donations. Donations are being processed by a registered charitable foundation, which is being audited by the federal foundation supervisory authority in Germany. Every donor can receive a tax-deductible for foundations. Upon request, donors can receive a tax receipt. 
  • Get in touch with us for further information.
    If you wish to donate, collaborate or partner with us, please send us your contact details below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Team & Contacts

We are a dedicated team of volunteers. Here are some of us. 
The others prefer to work quietly in the background.
If you would like to join forces for humanitarian work, please contact us!

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Dr. Karl Quint
Medical goods

Karl is a medical doctor. He leads our efforts and is in charge of developing Humanitarian Aid, medical supplies, public relations and partnerships. 

Constantin Freiherr von Stockmar von Wangenheim
Legal advice

Constantin is a lawyer and the initiator of our initial project that later turned into Humanitarian Aid. He is in charge of legal matters, public relations and partnerships.

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Dennis Dechnik

Dennis is Ukrainian, works as a healthcare manager and supports us with direct contacts in Ukraine. He is in charge of partnerships and supplies.

Karlheinz Speyer

Gastronomy equipment 

Karlheinz is an industrial kitchen expert and in charge of canteen kitchen and gastronomy supplies to cater for displaces persons.

Support our work!

We prefer donations via bank transfer to our partnering registered charitable foundation in Germany.
If this does not work for you, you can alternatively use the PayPal QR-code or PayPal button below. 

Our foundation is supervised by the authority for foundations of the Government of Central Franconia. The supervision focuses on compliance with the founder's intentions, fulfilment of the foundation's purpose, and preservation of the foundation's assets. This is regularly monitored as part of an audit and ensures complete transparency about how our funds are used.

Bank transfer details of our charitable foundation:
Hugo Auvera Stiftung
IBAN: DE22 7602 0070 1560 3279 90
Bank: UniCredit Bank Nürnberg, Germany

Specify the designated use of your donation by indicating “Ukraine-Aid” in the bank transfer details. Tax deducible donation receipts can be issued. In this case, please indicate your name, postal address and an email address when making the transfer. The donation receipt will be automatically sent to you without further request.

Paypal donations can be made using the QR-code or the button below.
Currently no donation receipts can be issued for PayPal donations!


Humanitarian Aid Collaboration
c/o Logenhaus Fürth
Dambacher Straße 11
90763 Fürth



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